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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  November 17, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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tom? >> unfortunately, no. this will probably be the warmest part of the day. it will gradually turn colder. it's cold enough for some snow in east central and southeastern west virginia right now. and might even have some of that move into the shennendoah valley. temperatures above freezing. we're not going to see anything stick on pavement or anything. but maybe some of the high spots could get an inch of wet snow today. it's all across virginia, maryland, and into the district shore, that band of yellow. that's more moderate rain that's falling. from alex andrea down to fredericksberg. we'll have occasional showers. it's in the low 50s. sunrise, 6:53. we'll stay in the 40s through the daylight hours. by sunset, it will be near 80.
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then tonight, turning colder. look at your evening planner. >> good morning. if you're traveling in gathersburg, we have a crash. right now, all your lanes are blocked. chopper is live over the scene right now. two vehicles are involved. this is a serious accident. let you know how traffic is in the area and right now, you can see we'll have fire as well as ambulance on the scene of this accident. it looks like police are still there. this is an hov lane at fairfax county parkway. as you continue on to 395. i checked on this. i am told that it is an accident and hopefully it should be out of the roadways pretty soon, but i just want to make you aware of this. back to you. >> thanks so much. 6:02 now. today, we are expected to learn
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more about the man firing at the white house. police arrested 21-year-old oscar ortega-hernandez in pennsylvania. u.s. police issued a warrant for his arrest shortly after shots were fired at constitution avenue last night. police found weapons leading them to hernandez, including a semi automatic rifle. one bullet hit an exterior bullet proof window and the other is an outside wall. tracee wilkins has more on how he was arrested and -- >> as soon as the fbi and secret service got involved in this case, they started retracing his steps and notified the staff there. the possibly of him returning, handed out pictures and it looks
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like he did go ahead and return to that hampton inn. 21-year-old oscar ortega hernandez was saying at the hampton inn in pep pen when some guests and employees recognized him and called police. law enforcement moved in to arrest ortega hernandez. then there was a bomb scare as police searched the bag that he had with him that turned out to be unarmed. the third floor of the hotel was temporarily evacuated. >> i think we saw the guy when we pulled in in the morning. and it was really strapg. you know, just kind of sitting out there. there was a bag out there. >> about an hour later, maybe, that i got a really strok knock at the door and it was a state trooper saying we need to evacuate the third floor. get your belongings. >> now, the state police up there, the state trooper, the woman just referred to them. they assisted in this arrest. and they say that when they
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entered the hotel, that ortega was sitting there very patiently waiting for them and that he only asked why am i being arrested but then cooperated. now, let me show you back out here live at the white house, we're here on constitution avenue. and it is alleged that this is the area where that shooting happened. according to nbc news, we're about eight football fields away from the white house and ba lftic experts at nbc top news says that's about as far as that rifle that was found inside of his vehicle can shoot. now, he is looking at a number of serious charges including attempted asa sassassination of president. tracee wilkins, live, and back to you all in the studio. police in the city are preparing for what protesters call a day of actions. a number of marchs and rallies are planned for the day. organizers say they hope to
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demonstrate police from the buildi building. starting at 2:30 this afternoon, demonstrators are planning to march from mcpherson square to the key bridge and protest there. demonstrators say they are protesting, quote, the deterioration of our public infrastructure and public services. there are some reports demonstrators are planning to block traffic on the bridge, but occupies d.c. media team denies those claims. this morning, there are new and conflicting reports about whether a former penn state coach ever reported to police what he says is the rape of a young boy in the showers by jerry sandusky. he told friends last week in an e-mail that he talked to police after he wednesdayed mr. sandusky raping the boy. a university spokes woman says
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there is no record of mcqueary reporting anything to campus police. there is a new judge this morning who will provided over jerry sandusky's preliminary hearing next month. the judge was replaced after it was revealed that she received $1,000 from the chairman of sandusky's charity, the second mile. sandusky's bail was set to $1,000 aft $1,000 $100,000, controllably less than what prosecutors had requested. slick roads may be the cause of a serious accident between an suv and a u.p.s. tractor-trailer. this happened on i-95 southbound near the new intercounty corrector in laurel. police say the suv slammed into
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the back of the tractor-trailer. the driver of the suv was taken to the hospital. no word on the victim's condition. the drivers of the u.p.s. truck is okay. right now, president obama is in indonesia where he'll be meeting with leaders from southeast asian nations. this is the final stop on his trip. the president landed about 25 minutes ago from australia where he met with u.s. and australian troops. the president announced plans yesterday to accepted as many as 2500 marines to northern australia for a training hub and to protect american interests in asia. he will be in indonesia through saturday when he heads back hire to washington. the president is getting some good news while overseas. congress found some common ground. the house passed a pose of the president's jobs bill. it specifically helps government contractors and unemployment veterans by giving tax breaks to companies that hire veterans. 6:08 is our time right now. ahead, why the awkward meeting between his caddie was the least
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of tiger woods' problems today in australia. and next, glutton for punishment, the invite a lot of people are not happy about. ♪
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british comedian and actor ricky gervais will host the golden globes for the third time. people were wondering whether he
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would be back at performance at this year's show. he made some blunt one liners targeting several hollywood stars. apparently someone liked the comments since they have now asked him back. you can watch the golden globes right here on nbc 4 on january 15th. >> gluttons for punishment indeed. >> get ready for fireworks in july. >> that the. 6:11. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom, good morning. >> yes. and it's still raining, too. we've got scattered showers across virginia, maryland and eastern west virginia. however, farther west into west virginia, the area of white, that's some wet snow that's beginning to hit some of the higher ridges there. closer to washington, these areas in yellow and orange getting a little bit more moderate rain in prince georges and rundall counties. farther to the south, that's advancing to the north and east. elsewhere, a few sprinkled and drizzle. it's chilly. reagan national is at 48 and we
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have a wind gust to go around 30 miles per hour. that will be with us throughout the day, too. rain should be ending by early afternoon. near 40 by 5:00. this evening, much colder. down to the 30s. cold weather moves in tomorrow morning, too. we'll see that all coming up for the weekend, too. the latest on that at 6:21. danella, how is traffic? >> good morning. right now, police are on the scene of an accident. this is at quint orchard road in gathersburg. all of your roads are blocked. watching this for you, chopper 5 is live over the accident now. tow trucks have just arrived. fire was on the scene, but the fire department has left and hopefully the tow trucks will be able to open up your lanes again. traveling i-95 in virginia, still have police in the hov lanes blocking the left shoulder lanes. back to you both. 6:13 now. 46 degrees. still ahead, the lawsuit is no more, but this morning, word
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that the justin bieber paternity drama is not yet done. plus, washington nationals player wilson ramos's message to his fans. >> i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason. no, that's a different one. >> make sure that never happens again. [ female announcer ] today, your busy schedule
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president obama supported the uprising, correct? i do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason. no, that's a different one. >> republican presidential herman cain is making sure he doesn't get caught stumbling
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like this again. after this disastrous interviews with editors at a milwaukee newspaper, cain decided he will fought allow cameras when he meets with the editorial board of a new hampshire paper today. the move could back fire, though, since voters of new hampshire have gotten used to seeing clips of all the interviews. a fox news survey puts newt gingerich ahead of mitt romney by 1%. 22% for romney. herman cain is third at 15%. ron paul fourth with 8%. with his sudden success in the polls, gingerich is now getting added scrutiny. he is explaining what some call a sweetheart deal he received from a top mortgage company. his firm made between $1.6 million and $1.8 million from mortgage company freddie mac. gingerich started receiving payments only months after his
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own party forced him out of congress. >> and we provided strategic advice. we did no lobbying of any kind, period. >> gingerich said says he has gained valuable experience working with freddie mac. he says he knows a great deal about washington and that may be a really good thing. washington nationals catcher wilson ramos is speaking out for the first time since his kidnapping and rescue. and with the help of a translator, the 24-year-old says he is thankful for all the support and he is really to play ball. >> i'd like to say hello to all the fans. thank you for all the support that was given to me after what happened to me. i feel good and i'm happy to be back with loss stiegres. >> los stiegres is the venezuela y'allan team that ramos plays for the in the off season. he will return to the nationals in the spring. are you pumped for football?
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kind of hard when the red skins are tied in a five-game losing streak. the cowboys come to town this weekend. if the skins want a shot at beating their long time rivals, these guys are going to have to step it up, at least. redskins running backs have 140 yards combined over the last five games. >> i think we can get the ball rolling. for us to make the playoffs, we have to win. you can only take it one game at a time and the cowboys are up next. this is going to make the breakout season. >> that's right. they are talking playoffs here. the cowboys and red skins face off at fedex field at 1:00 sunday. go skins for good measures. >> yeah. you know, everybody has been complain background the quarterback situation, but the running game has been really flat. this has been nothing. >> that's right. the whole team. it's not just quarterbacks. >> the only quarterback does
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that, give the ball to the running back. if they can't get anywhere, it's not the quarterback's fault. >> true. we have a lot of problems right now. >> reskins, too. golfer tiger woods and his playing partner steve stricker suffered a historic loss during the president's cup in australia today. >> they tied for the biggest record of defeat in the president's cup ever. the match was over literally after just 12 holes. the match drew attention because before it began, a it featured woods facing former caddie steve williams, now caddying for adam scott. despite reports she had withdrawn her lawsuit, the woman claiming she had justin bieber's baby is still insisting on dna tests. maria yeater's attorney says she has had negotiations with bieber's team behind closed doors. but bieber says he's never even met her. yeater's new lawyer says she's not looking to make millions
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just get the child support she says she deserves. hybrid and electric cars are not just a good way to save gas and money, they are also apparently safer. a study shows drivers of hybrid cars are 25% less likely to be injured in a crash than those in gasoline vehicles. the reason, apparently, hybrid and gas cars are heavier which means that these sustain less damage. but hybrids are 20% more likely to hit a pedestrian because hybrids are so quiet. those living in montgomery county can get help rebuilding after tropical storm lee. homeowners and businesses can now apply for low interest loans from the small business administration. no word if those living in prince georges county will be eligible for assistance, the same assistance now available for those affected in northern virginia. 6:21 is our time now. time for another look at our forecast for today. here is tom. good morning. it is damp and it's chilly.
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we've got still some light rain falling around the metro area. got a little heavier rain south and east of us. wet somehow out here in southeast central west virginia, up on the higher ridges. closer to washington, these areas of green, sprinkles, drizzle. these areas of yellow and orange coming down harder. pockets of modern rain now in charles, southern prince georges, all heading off to the north and east. it's only in the 40s throughout much of the region. throw to mid 40s throughout the bay. sunrise will be at 6:53. we'll have occasional showers until early afternoon. winds gusting to around 30 miles per hour. and then by 5:00, as the cloud cover begins to break up, we'll be near 40. 30s through the evening. winds will diminish through the morning tomorrow. temperatures down into the 20s. afternoon highs, low to mid 40s and sunny friday and saturday. sunday, a bit warmer. good weather for the skins/cowboys game. as we get into monday, it looks like we'll have a bit milder
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weather. cloudy, maybe showers on tuesday. danella, good morning. how is the commute? >> chopper 4 is live in gaithersburg. crews are working to clear the accident right now. tow trucks are on the scene and trying to get possibly fuel up over the roadway. i'm watching this for you and i will keep watching it until you get your lanes back open. if you're traveling i-95 in virginia, still seeing police right here on the left side on the shoulder lane. traveling northbound, your hov lanes are open, but still seeing police activity in this area. back to you. >> danella, thanks. 6:22 is the time ahead. major shock factor, the advertisement so controversial, it was pulled within hours of being unveiled. and next, the unbelievable find that makes finding a needle find that makes finding a needle in
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to war zones. and that can be a problem for a once-thriving tourist destination like dubrovnik, croatia, left in disrepair by years of war. luckily, people took notice. they helped dubrovnik rebuild and restructure their five-star hotels, and croatia eventually regained 14% of the nation's gdp; a rebirth made possible by the international business
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and tourism management programs at rochester institute of technology. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. talk about a needle in a haystack. a massachusetts woman says she went into panic when she realized she accidentally threw away a family treasure, her great aunt's diamond ripping. some incredible dpw workers came through her rescue.
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they helped her sort through 10 tons of trash, 10 tons, until she recognized her bag. she pulled it apart and found her ring. those workers deserve some sort of gold medal for their efforts. >> they really do, yes. >> my goodness gracious. >> and what do you do to the ring before you put it on your finger? >> how could you possibly sanitize it enough to put it back on your hand? > >> yuckels. some say be nneton's newest ad goes too far. it shows manufactured leaders of world leaders kissing. it shows everyone from president to the pope puckering up. it's all part of a campaign called unhate. the company has pulled the ads because of negative publicity about it. 6:26. 47 degrees ahead. a rooster raid at a local home turns into something a lot bigger. >> plus, what one occupy protester said that got him arrested right on the spot. and the incredible shot
6:27 am
investigators believe it took to hit the white house with a
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track down the man wanted in connection with those shots fired near the white house. located a long way from d.c. good morning. and welcome back to news 4 today. i'm joe krebbs. >> and let's take a live look right now at 6:30. much cooler start to the day. we had some rain yesterday, wet today. now the big cooldown, tom. >> and it's not over yet. we're getting some rain this morning. have the umbrella handy. it's not as heavy as it was yesterday morning. we're getting know. >> west virginia. look at that white you see there on the radar into southwestern virginia and even higher ridges getting wet snow. closer to washington, all these areas of green are light rain areas. mostly just a few sprinkles, a little drizzle. but those pockets of yellow and orange in prince georges county. those are areas of more moderate rain as well as the northern knock of virginia.
6:31 am
temperatures all around much of the region are in the 40s. 48 at reagan national. it's in the low 50s, part of southern maryland, northern neck near the bay and the eastern shore. it's only near 40 out in western maryland and up in the ridges, it's getting cold enough for snow there. sunrise, 53 and occasional light showers until early afternoon. then it will quickly end. we have a blustery wind, too, gusting near 30 miles per hour. now into the afternoon, and a chilly day, we'll be down to near 40 and colder by tonight. a look at your evening planner at 6:41. danella, how is traffic? >> taking the rails on the west train, your delay is 45 minutes. train, 8:72. 15 minute delay. penn norp north train your delay 10 minutes. on the road, hitting the brakes, out at new hampshire avenue, i'll give you a travel time in that area. 17 minutes to get from i-95 to
6:32 am
i-270. if you're traveling on i-95 through virginia at prince williams parkway, those delays will continue. it will take you 26 minutes to make that trip as you go 29 miles per hour. back to you. >> thanks very much, danella. 6:32 today, we are expected to learn more about the man accused of firing shots at the white house when he appears in court. police arrested 21-year-old oscar ortega. this morning, he faces several possible charges including attempted assassination of the president. park police issued a warrant for his arrest after shots were fired near constitution avenue last friday night. police found evidence that led them to ortega hernandez including a semi automatic rifle. then on tuesday, two bullets were found on white house grounds. one hit a bullet proof glass window. another struck an exterior wall. witnesses tell news 4 it looked
6:33 am
like an armed invasion when police raided the hampton inn in indiana to arrest ortega hernandez. >> and five troopers rolled up. we got out all of you guns and rifles and big am mow and stormed in the front door. the next thing i saw, they told me to run away, yelled at me to get out of the front door. >> i get to the window and i'm like, okay, something is going on and i'm telling him, get out of the parking lot. go into the bus. >> the secret service says an employee of the hotel recognized the suspect and called police. investigators say they are all but certain the bullets that hit fired t white house fired during that friday incident. if that's the case, it was one incredible shot. the bullets had to travel about 800 yards, the length of eight football fields and they would have been fired through the passenger window of a moving car. today, a grand jury indicted
6:34 am
27-year-old christopher didi with killing a man in hawaii. he's accused of shooting a man outside a mcdonald's restaurant during abdomen early fight two weeks ago. if convicted, he faces life in prison. he was in hawaii to protect dignitaries for a conference. the debate over gun rights will take center stage on the campus of virginia tech. virginia tech's board of visitors is expected to consider a state regulation that would bar concealed weapon permit holders from carrying guns in campus buildings. the commonwealth's hourn general said the college must pass a state regulation to implement such a policy. there's shock and sadness at a local university after the third death at the university this month. she was hit by a city bus on the campus of james madison university. the 18-year-old was on her cell phone when she stepped into a
6:35 am
crosswalk without the walk signal. last night, friends and classmates at wt woodson in fairfax from which she graduated in may remembered the gifted dancer and artist. >> it's just so tragic. everyone has the same feeling. it's extremely unfortunate and no one -- i mean, obviously, it was unexpected, but it's just really unfortunate for the whole family. >> a lot of people have been affected by it that were close friends with her. i've seen a lot of people really sad at school. >> the vice provost of the school and another student died earlier this month. the bus driver of the school will not face any charges. >> police in prince georges county literally struck gold while raiding a home in riverdale after rounding up serve roosters outside the home. police found tens of thousand oefs dollars of stolen jewelry inside. thieves were melting the gold so it would be harder to traid trace and significant in new york. police expect to make an
6:36 am
arrest in the case in the afternoon. the roosters are the men time are at a shelter. paul davis, the owner of expert barber shop says masked men came in last week with guns and took an amount of cash from his register, but they robbed some of the customers. some businesses are taking precautions by locking their doors even through business hours. johnson & johnson are bowing to activists agreeing to remove some chemicals from its baby products. the company sent a letter to the campaign for safe cosmetics. it is now 6:36, 46 degrees just in time for the holiday shopping rush. a much anticipated store opens at stores. >> why it's not receiving favorable reception from people
6:37 am
who live nearby. and next, the plans our local occupy protesters have that could cause major p
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6:39 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist tom curine in storm center four. moving southwest to northeast, it's a wave of low pressure in that area of white and pink. that's a mixture of rain and wet
6:40 am
snow in some of the higher ridges. that may move parts into the shennendoah valley as well as up into the blue ridge and sigh line drive. elsewhere, getting generally light rain in these areas of green and much of maryland. there are some more moderate downpours and in anarondo. closer to washington, just in the mid to upper 40s and farther west, it's only near 40 degrees, a chilly, raw morning. and we've got a blustery wind gusting to 20 and 25 miles per hour. turning colder by late afternoon and this evening, down into the mid 30s by nid night. we'll have that wind diminishing tomorrow morning. danella, how is the traffic? >> we have good news if you're traveling in gaithersburg. that accident is clear. however, taking i-270, it is a slow commute for you. as you're making your way at
6:41 am
father hurley, it is a pretty slow commute. no accident on 270 south. just conguston at this time. 37 a, starting to see congestion as you make your way on the 14th street bridge. travel time, 16 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge as you travel 41 miles per hour. back to you. >> danella, thanks so much. 6:41 now. right now, occupy wall street protesters are organizing what they hope will be a sign their movement is far from dead even after their evection from zu cat toy park. they're organizing what they call a day of action across new york city. michelle franzen is live near zuccotti park where that movement started a few months ago. michelle, good morning. >> good morning. protesters are motivated and this is part of the reason why. this is the birthplace where the occupy movement began two months ago.
6:42 am
protesters this morning gathering in this space and they're gathering to assemble and to speak because they cannot sleep here any more. tents, tarps and sleeping bags no longer welcome here in the park. that after a couple of days ago when the nypd moved in to clear and to clean this space. a judge upheld the bans that the city could enforce as well as the park owners here. now, the movement today, they're hoping they can get their point across. protesters all these past few months have been rallying against what they describe as social injustice as well as rallying against corporate greed. they say they will take their message to the streets of new york city today, marching down to the new york stob exchange as well as they're hoping other people will join them, as well. you can't exactly make up what they're saying. they're certainly ramping up today for what they are hoping
6:43 am
and describing will be the biggest rally yet. >> michelle franzen, thank you. i want them to make that decision so they can see in a few days, they're going to see what a molotov cocktail can do to macy's. >> molotov cocktail. police in new york city see that as a threat. they arrested that protester yesterday. the 29-year-old was seen in that youtube video. police say they're not sure whether he actually had any bomb making materials, but they say they were concerned enough to want him off the streets. and new from overnight, police arrested at least 15 people while they evicted dozens of others from occupy dallas. demonstrators set up camp near city hall there. police moved in just after 1:00 this morning and cleared the area. less than an hour later, protesters will be allowed back, but they cannot set up camp in the area. now, d.c.'s occupy protesters have their own plans
6:44 am
that could cause major problems for drivers today. we'll have more on that ahead in just about ten minutes. new developments this morning in the penn state sex abuse scandal. there are conflicting reports about whether an alleged rape of a boy in the university showers by a former coach was ever reported to police. assistant coach mike mcqueary told friends in an e-mail last week that he talked to police after he says he witnessed jerry sandusky abuse ago boy. but the state college police say there is no record of mcqueary reporting any sexual abuse to their department. a university spokes western says there is no record of mcqueary reporting anything to campus police. there is a new judge that will provided over sandusky's hearing next month. the previous judge received $1,000 in campaign contributions from the second mile charity. from the chairman of that
6:45 am
charity. the bail was set at $1 thun,000, far less than the $500,000 requested by prosecutors. a former school employ owee was accused of sexually abusing a child. his alleged victim came forward recently and claims that he or she was assaulted between 1993 and 1997. christian worked at battle win elementary school at the time. police aren't saying whether the alleged victim, who is now an adult, was a student at the school or if any of that assault happened on the school grounds. a flight attendant found a suspicious powder in a tissue box before the plane took off. it's not clear what the powder turned out to be, but officials say it did not pose a threat to the passengers. the plane finally landed at bw
6:46 am
marshall around 12:30 this morning. president obama is in indonesia right now where he'll meet with leaders from southeast asian nations. he arrived about an hour ago after leaving australia where he met with u.s. and australian troops. the president announced plans yesterday to send as many as 2,500 marines to northern australia for a training hub and to protect american interests in asia. president obama is on a nine-day trip across the asia pacific region. he returns to washington on saturday. well, the president is away, some movement here at home on a piece of his jobs bill. jackie deangelis has that story. >> congress finding rare common ground. it gives president obama the chance to sign a small part of his $447 billion jobs bill into law. the measure gives tax breaks to companies hiring jobless veterans. it repeals an old law forcing the government to withhold % of
6:47 am
their payments to contractors. and more americans plan to brave the malls on black friday this year. the national retail federation says 152 million people say they'll be shopping that day, up 10 fers from last year. the nrf expects holiday sales to increase from nearly 3% in 2010. and consumers will be looking for black friday deals. 17% say they're going to scan retailers facebook pages for bargains and others say they're going to scour daily groupon deals. joe. >> thanks very much. have a great day. all those black friday shoppers l a new store to check out if they're doing their shopping in northern virginia. the make row soft opens its doors with a special ceremony beginning at 9:30 this morning. like the apple store, it gives people a chance to interact with and this is the first microsoft store to he up in the washington, d.c. area. all of the east coast, cal
6:48 am
ripken jr. is expected to be there today. if you're heading out of town next week, aaa will release its annual national thanksgiving holiday weekend travel forecast. each year, about 40 million americans travel for the holiday. thanksgiving weekend has traditionally been one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. if you were hoping to send some holiday cheer to troops in iraq, you have to send out those tidings today. service members will no longer be able to receive mail in iraq after today. the postal service is shutting down its offices and mail processing centers in the country. that's any mail sent after today. this is all part of the military drawdown. any mail dropped off at post offices by today will be delivered to service members. president obama announced back in october that all troops would be pulled out of iraq by the end of this year. >> you could soon enjoy a drink in damascus, maryland.
6:49 am
he'll introduce a bill that would allow the sale of beer and wine. only at sit-down restaurants, though. right now, damascus is the last town in the county to ban alcohol. residents in damascus will get the final say on the measure last november. >> people dead after possible tornados tore through the south. high winds and heavy rains destroyed more than 50 homes and buildings. the national weather service has not confirmed whether any of these storms were tornados. >> it's the same system, but it's weakened a lot because it's coming into much colder air. it continued off and on overnight and now this morning, watch your footing. slippery leaves may bring you to your knees. i've seen people slipping and
6:50 am
sliding around on their sidewalks. right now, it is damp. reagan national earn that clear sky, it's 48 and a few sprinkles now. occasionally gusting to around 20 miles per hour. as we look at the radar, we are getting some reports of a few sprinkles of snowflakes coming down. a few wet snowflakes and some of the high ridges here in west virginia. that may make its way far enough to the east perhaps for high ridges along skyline drive from just north of front royal, west of charlottesville, there may be a few showers there right now. closer to washington, this is all sprinkles. not a lot of rain, just sprinkles and drizzle. . but these pocket of yellow, those are areas of more moderate rain falling in anarando county where temperatures are near 50.
6:51 am
it's near 40 out in western maryland around cumberland and into garrett county. sunrise at 6:353. we'll have the sky cloudy, though. it will stay cloudy with occasional light sprinkles and maybe passing shower activity until around early afternoon and winds gust to go around 30 miles per hour. temperatures slowly dropping throughout the day near 40 by 5:00 and then down into the 30s this evening. mid 30s by midnight under a clear sky. and the wind should diminish tonight. and then a cold start to friday morning just in the mid 20s this time tomorrow afternoon. sunny saturday. cold in the morning, afternoon highs near 50. looks like good weather for the skins/cowboys game sunday. then starting back to school and work on monday, starting the week with cloud cover and maybe a few showers around on tuesday. but a bit milder both days. danella, good morning.
6:52 am
how is traffic now? >> if you're traveling 270 and route 80, we have an accident right now on the left side of the roadway. it's really in the shoulder lane right here. tow truck has just arrived on the scene and hopefully it will be out of the roadway for you pretty soon. also, taking a look right now at i-95 in virginia. slow start for you. travel times, about 28 miles per hour. as you make your way to the beltway, it will take you 21 minutes to make that trip. and i-66 right around route 50, you're jammed heading east as you make your way to the beltway. in fact, from the fairfax county parkway to the beltway, you're at 36 miles per hour and it will take you 16 minutes to make that trip. >> thanks. your afternoon commute could take you a lot longer than your morning ride to work or school. occupy d.c. protesters are planning a march from mcpherson square to the key bridge in georgetown this afternoon. just as hundreds of thousands of people prepared to head home.
6:53 am
megan mcgrath is live in mcpherson square where those protesters are starting to wake up. could be a disasterus commute this afternoon. >> it could be. look right now at the traffic here. this is kay street that you see. we're here at mcpherson square. you can see everything is looking pretty good this morning. that may not be the case for the evening rush hour. that's because of the occupy d.c. movement. the folks that have been sleeping here at these tents, they are planning a demonstration march later on this afternoon. and that demonstration is expected to go into the evening rush hour. they're going to be on the move walking down major city streets here. and that, of course, could have an impact on traffic. now, the occupy d.c. folks, they say they're trying to focus attention on the nation's crumbling infrastructure. specifically, the bridges. all the bridges in the country that need repair. so what they're going to be doing is they're going to leave mcpherson square, walk down pennsylvania avenue, make their way through georgetown and on to the key bridge. they say they will be on the key
6:54 am
bridge during the evening rush hour. we spoke to a couple of folks who will be participating later today. they say they really want to focus attention on their cause and that their intent is not to disrupt traffic. >> we're going to be leaving the park at 2:30. we should be getting the bridge before wsh like, the heat of rush hour really starts. we will be staying on the sidewalks on the bridge. we will not be blocking the bridge itself. everyone is very clear on that. so, yeah, we don't want to anger the general public in that way. >> you're not going to snarl traffic? >> no, we do not plan to do that. >> now, he says their intent is to be on the bridge in that area between 4:00 and 5:00. then they're going to start to move back here to mcpherson square. so, obviously, a lot of major roads. it's the start of the evening rush hour. so they could get rather ugly for a lot of folks trying to head home tonight. >> that's right. even if they're not blocking the road, it could hurt traffic.
6:55 am
megan, thank you. >> sure. they're not complaining about traffic or tolls, but tinter county connecter is getting a bad reception from neighbors if you catch my drift. homeowners say their cell phone reception is getting worse. some contacted the fcc and speculated the problem could be interference caused by the message signs or the to the transponders. the metro authority says the toll equipment is not on a frequency that should diminish reception and that, in fact, it was tested for that precise problem before the highway opened. a new study shows our area could use a major cleanup. d.c. along with baltimore and northern virginia are ranked the 16th dirtiest region in america by forbes. the study looks at ozone pollution rank and population. california is the dirtiest state with seven cities in the top ten and the big apple might be rotten, as well. it is ranked as the 14th dir
6:56 am
dirtiest city. today we might learn more about the man accused of firing shots at the white house when police see him in court. he was arrested about the 200 miles west of here in the town of indiana, pennsylvania. the secret service says an employee of the hotel recognized him and called police. he was wanted by the fed since shots were fired near the white house on friday night. police found evidence that led them to ortega hernandez including a semi automatic rifle. it was not until tuls that the secret service noticed a broken window at the white house and also another gun mark on the building itself. >> that's right. and it was quite an incredible shot from a very long distance. >> all right. let's get to the forecast. hi, tom. we have a little bit of light rain around and a blustery northerly wind will fall out of the 40s and 30s tonight. a chilly but dry weekend to follow. danella, how is traffic? >> the accident there is on the left side of the roadway. back to you both. >> thanks, danella.
6:57 am
that's news 4 today. thanks for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back with weather and traffic and any breaking news. we'll be back tomorrow at 4:30. have a great day. [ mom ] hey guys.
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